Edith Martens
Zimmer Edith
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 70
Hair Color: gray
Eye Color: blue
Aliases: Oma
Family & Friends
Family: Nina Martens (Grand daughter)
Series Information
First appearance: DHA Staffel 1 Folge 1
Last appearance: DHA Staffel 2 Folge 234
Portrayer: Gerda Böken
Other Versions: Irene Martens (Dutch)

Evelyn Martin (American)

Edith Martens is the German version in Das Haus Anubis and she was Nina's Grandmother. When Nina's parents died at Nina's young age. She was very close to Nina until now.


She and Nina go to boarding school because she was getting old and she can't take care of her and she wanted that will be Nina's home in Anubis house.when Nina called her in Victor's telephone She tells that someday she will have a good friend and she was comforted Nina when she hear that Nina is crying while she was calling to her. Edith Martens lives in a nursing home. Sarah also there in the old people's home. Nina visit her grandma often and tells her everything and your friends in the house. Edith is happy, when she dances or if Nina is with her friends like Daniel or Delia. In addition to suffering from rheumatism. At the beginning of the 2nd Season she fell into a coma,Nina visited her in the hospital with Delia. because of the curse. Nina was called several times in the neurology, Nina's medallion glowed in the a time. Advertising of the 2. Part of the 2nd Season is that much worse,at the end of the 2nd Season however she woke up again. During the third season, but it appears not to mention.


  • Edith gave Nina a bracelet before she leave.
  • Nina was very happy when she wake up from coma.
  • Edith is very close to Nina.
  • Nina was visited her sometimes.
  • She was suffering from rheumatism.
  • She did not know that Nina was kidnap by the Raven.

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