Doris Engel
Doris Engel
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 40-50
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue-green
Occupation(s): Teacher
Family & Friends
Relationships: Hubert Altrichter (Husband)
Series Information
First appearance: Folge 7
Last appearance: Folge 364
Portrayer: Jana Hora
Other Versions: Elly van Engelen (Dutch)

Daphne Andrews (English)

Doris Engel is the class teacher of Nina, Delia, Mara, Luzy, Felix, Magnus, Daniel, Kaya and others. She teaches French,German and History. In the Season 2 has been known which is Doris Altrichter, and guidance counselor at the Alexander von Humbolt School. In the episode A feast for Victor became clear that she has no affair with the headmaster and her current husband, Hubert Altrichter. Luzy, Charlotte and Max have used as a main theme for the school newspaper Hermes. In episode 233, episode 234, marries Doris Engel, Hubert Altrichter. Since then she is Doris Altrichter. Since Episode 242 She also teaches history.
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