Das Haus Anubis - Pfad der 7 Sünden
© Viacom / Studio 100
Countries of origin: Belgium, Germany
Language: German
Genre: Mystery
Producer: DED's it Productions, Studio 100
Release: April 2012
Written by: Anjali Taneja
Directed by: Jorkos Damen, Patrick Schlosser
Other Versions Het Huis Anubis en het Pad der Zeven Zonden

Das Haus Anubis - Pfad der 7 Sünden (Path of the Seven Sins) is a German movie and is based on the TV-show Das Haus Anubis. The plot of the movie has no influence to the show.


After Daniel gives his girlfriend Nina a ring to prove his infinite love for her, a magic door opens to a fantastic medieval world. Nina is kidnapped by the mysterious knight Roman and Daniel follows them with his friends through a magic portal. They set off on the dangerous "Path of the 7 Sins" to save Nina. There is danger and seven intense challenges. Here, all his friends are helping him. One after another the friends fail the tests, to be left after the last test until only Daniel remains. Can they rescue Nina and return to boarding school together?


Cast Character
Kristina Schmidt Nina Martens
Daniel Wilken Daniel Gutenberg
Franziska Alber Delia Seefeld
Marc Dumitru Magnus von Hagen
Féréba Koné Mara Minkmar
Alicia Endemann Luzy Schoppa
Florian Prokop Felix Gaber
Alexa Benkert Charlotte Bachmann
Karim Günes Kaya Sahin
Kai Helm Victor Emanuel Rodemer
Bert Tischendorf Knight Roman
Collien Ulmen-Fernandes Rosalinde
Ulrich Cyran Hubert Altrichter

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