Das Haus Anubis
Das Haus Anubis
© Viacom / Studio 100
Countries of origin: Belgium, Germany
Language: German
Episodes: 364
Seasons: 3
Length: 10-13 Minutes
Genre: Mystery
Producer: DED's it Productions
years of production: 2009 - 2012
Related shows:

Het Huis Anubis

House of Anubis

original run: 29. September 2009 to May 4, 2012 on Nickelodeon
Written by: Anjali Taneja
Storylines: Anna de Veer
Directed by: Jorkos Damen, Patrick Schlosser

Das Haus Anubis is a children's television series produced jointly by Belgian broadcaster Studio 100 and Nickelodeon and a remake of Het Huis Anubis. With a seven-figure production budget, it is one of Nickelodeon's largest in-house productions, and the first German daily soap opera specifically aimed at children. From September 29, 2009, the show has been running both on children's channel Nick (daily at 19:20/7:20pm), and repeated in the afternoon and on weekends), and on music channel VIVA. Das Haus Anubis is aimed at children twelve years old and above, and is the German remake of the successful Dutch television program;Het Huis Anubis. This 2006/2009 series was one of the most successful children's series in the Benelux 


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The show focuses on eight young people living at a boarding school, "Haus Anubis", of which Nina is the newest occupant. On the day of her arrival, the surly caretaker, Viktor, shows her her room. What she does not know is that her room previously belonged to Linn, the best friend of classmate Luzy; Linn has disappeared without a trace. Nina's first encounter with Luzy is not exactly cordial; Luzy, who is very concerned for Linn, would rather throw the frightened Nina straight out.
But this is not the only secret in the school. The walls of the house, in which the eight students live together, seem to hide another secret. A fellow student disappears, the caretaker seems on his guard and the teachers begin acting strangely when talking about the Haus Anubis. A little anxious, but driven by curiosity, the students set out to discover the secrets of their home.

Differences with the original version

There are several changes made from the original Dutch version. Obviously, the first major difference are the names of the main characters. Aside from Victor and Mara, everyone has another name. However, their personalities and taste in clothes stay the same as in the Dutch version. Also, the story of Season 1 was exactly the same as it was in the Dutch version, but the next season changed a little bit. Even though the main story arch for Season 2 was the same, they shifted some side storylines to other characters and also deleted two major characters who were introduced in season two of the original, Joyce and Noa, and combined them into one character, Charlotte. Also, the character of Mara, who left halfway season two of the original, stayed in the German version and took over the part Noa had in the story of the second season of the Dutch version.
It is also expected some of these changes will be carried over to the English remake. Since some things that happened in the Dutch version, such as Mara leaving and Noa coming in as her replacement, were done because the creators had to. The Dutch actress who played Mara actually wanted to leave the show, so that is also why the character was written out and Mara left the house.


Main Cast

German Name German Actor Episode Year NL pararell
Nina Martens Kristina Schmidt 1-present 2009–present Nienke Martens
Luzy Rosaline Schoppa Alicia Endemann 1-present 2009–present Patricia Soeters
Daniel Gutenberg Daniel Wilken 1-present 2009–present Fabian Ruitenburg
Delia Seefeld Franziska Alber 1-present 2009–present Amber Rozenberg
Kaya Sahin Karim Günes 1-present 2009–present Mick Zeelenberg
Felix Gaber Florian Prokop 1-present 2009–present Appie Tayibi
Magnus von Hagen Marc Dumitru 1-present 2009–present Jeroen Cornelissen
Mara Minkmar Féréba Koné 1-present 2009–present Mara Sabri/Noa van Rijn
Viktor Emanuel Rodemer Kai Helm 1-present 2009–present Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Jr.
Charlotte Bachmann Alexa Benkert 125-present 2010–present New character. Based on Joyce van Bodegraven and Noa van Rijn

Current Supporting Characters

German Name German Actor Episode Year NL pararell
Edith Martens Gerda Böken 1-present 2009–present Irene Martens
Hubert Altrichter Ulrich Cyran 1-present 2009–present Ari van Swieten
Rosie Schäfer Petra-Marie Cammin 1-present 2009–present Trudie Tayibi
Doris Engel Jana Hora 7-present 2009–present Elly van Engelen/Elly van Swieten
Wolf Radus/Raven Carlo Kitzlinger 143-234 2010–2011 Wolf Rensen/Raven van Prijze
Benny Schäfer Martin Zürcher 158-182 2010–2011 Jimmy Tayibi
Max Ludwig Torben Bendig 136-present 2011 Robbie
Daphne Silke Natho 193-234 2011 Vera de Kell

Past Supporting Characters

German Name German Actor Episode Year NL pararell
Herr Sahin Numan Acar 42-45 2009 Meneer Zeelenberg
Mohammed "MO" Damion Osu 69-72 2010 Mo(Mohammed) Tayibi
Nabila Unknown 70-72 2010 Nabila Tayibi
Malika Minkmar Unknown 141-147 2010 Yasmine Sabri
Linn Bredemeier Katharina Fecher 59-62, 75 2009–2010, 2010 Joyce van Bodegraven
Rufus Malpied (German) Michael Witte (Germany) 17-38, 53-75 2009, 2009–2010 Rufus Malpied
Svetlana Goski Unknown 93 2010 Swatlana Lamasadu
Robbie Tom Gramenz 55-58, 111-114 2009, 2010 Robbie/Robert van Swieten
Sarah Winnsbrügge-Westerling Liane Düsterhöft 3-91, 104, 114 2009–2010 Sarah Winsbrugge-Hennegouwen
Steffie Lehmann Yvonne Burbach 11-114 2009–2010 Esther Verlinden
Schulrätin Claudia Jakobshagen 60-61, 114 2009, 2010 De Rectrix
Großprior/Linn's father Unknown 105, 114, 115 2010 Meneer van Bodegraven
Zeno Trabas Alexander von Janitzky 57-58, 99-129 2009, 2010 Dr. Zeno Terpstra
Luka Petkovic Sascha Kekez 4-140 2009–2010 Jason Winker
Morten Vierstein Marcus Calvin 235-364 2010-2011 Rufus Malpied



Year Name GER Album Notes
2010 Suche mit uns (en. Search with us) 80 (1 week) Das Haus Anubis - Das Album Single by Kristina Schmidt as Nina


Year Name GER AUT Notes
2010 Das Haus Anubis - Das Album (en. The house of Anubis - The album) 67 (2 weeks) 20 (2 weeks) Singers: Marc Dumitru, Féréba Koné, Nina Schmidt, Alicia Endemann


Released date Title Translation Pages
4 December 2009 Der geheime Club der alten Weide The secret club of old pasture 336
20 April 2010 Das Geheimnis des Grabmals The secret of the tomb 336
6 October 2010 Das große Fanbuch The big fan book 48
18 November 2010 Der geheimnisvolle Fluch The mysterious curse 336
29 April 2011 Die Auserwählte The chosen one 336


Year Award Result
Kids Choice Awards 2010 Germany
2010 Favorite TV series Won
2010 Favorite actor for Florian Prokop Won
7. Fernsehpreis
2010 Best series for children Won
CMA Wild and Young Awards 2010
2010 Best newcomer national for Daniel Wilken Nominated
Bravo Otto-Wahl 2010
2010 Favorite actress for Kristina Schmidt Nominated
Kids Choice Awards 2011 Germany
2011 Favorite actress for Kristina Schmidt Won
  • The names of the categories are translated into English



Season Episodes from to
Season 1, Part 1 61 29. September 2009 18. December 2009
Season 1, Part 2 53 15. February 2010 30. April 2010
Season 2, Part 1 60 20. September 2010 10. December 2010
Season 2, Part 2 60 14. February 2011 6. May 2011
Season 3, Part 1 60 5. September 2011 December 2011



Das Haus Anubis - Pfad der 7 Sünden (Path of the Seven Sins)

Opening Songs

Season 1 : Das Haus Anubis

Das Haus Anubis Song03:05

Das Haus Anubis Song

Lyrcs traslation by CodeJh04

Once in the dark mists of time,a man found an old treasure,and only his daughter Sarah knew the secret place.She reads it down in riddles,but who is smart and brave,will discover that the treasure is here in House of Anubis.

Chorus:One mystery, thousand questions, This is the house of Anubis,mysterious every day, this is the house of Anubis,come and dare you find out,,what happened in here! Here in House of Anubis!!!

If the search for the truth really all worth the effort? It all the years nobody solved this riddle,I am so close and knows...,that I have to solve it at last,therefore I will never rest.I'll look to the end!

(Repeat Chorus 1x)

Every day, every night, Sarah's image, the dark place,I must soon find their treasure,after I gave her my word,I do not let myself be swayed! Go through the fire just for you! For the adventure I'll give my last energy!

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Season 2 : Searching With Us

Das Haus Anubis Suche mit uns" (Musikvideo)03:12

Das Haus Anubis Suche mit uns" (Musikvideo)

Lyrics translation by CodeJh04

My thoughts, they entwine, in the deep black night,what is it?where danger threatens?and who gives me attention?

An uncertain journey,race against time,solve puzzles quietly,we are now ready...

Chorus:Come,search with us,find the treasure,here at the house of anubis, come,se

arch with us, find the treasure, here at the house of anubis.......

Dark souls,choose paths,in this risky game,unflinchingly,unstoppable,if we find your destination...Together we are strong as a bear, we'll get back everything, no matter what may come even, we are destined....

(Repeat Chorus 3x)

Season 3 : Thousand Questions

Das Haus Anubis - Tausend Fragen (Thousand Questions)03:08

Das Haus Anubis - Tausend Fragen (Thousand Questions)

Lyrics translation by CodeJh04

Can walls tell us something?Can a house awake at night?Can it torment us with a thousand questions?Guard its treasures under its cover..

Yes, that's it,hey,believe me,because i've got it experienced itself,come into the House of Anubis, follow me, i know the way...

Chorus:House of Anubis (4x)

Tell me,i can really trust him?Is it in need for a good friend?Can I rely on the silent walls?Nothing in the House Anubis is, It is how it's seems..Yes, that sounds nearly insane, but I've got it experienced itself, come into the House of Anubis, follow me, i know the way.. (Repeat Chorus 1x)

Who wins and who loses, the match for the risk? Will there ever be fully explained? We are the solution nearby..

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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