General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 30-40
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Former Housemother
Family & Friends
Relationships: Wolf Radus/Raven (husband)
Pet(s): Unnamed Dog
Enemies: Sibuna
Series Information
First appearance: Folge 193
Last appearance: Folge 234
Portrayer: Silke Natho
Other Versions: Vera de Kell (Dutch)

Vera Devenish (American)

Daphne is the replacement housemother in Das Haus Anubis, when Rosie leave in Anubis house. She was very close to Victor. Victor repaired her dog and because Victor found sympathetic by the dog, he hired her. From episode to episode one notices that Daphne, Victor, and the residents is not at all well disposed, but arises only so to follow the orders of Mr. Radus to investigate, they might seem. So she gave the electrician in the sequence 204, the task to make the bill unaffordable for Victor. But at the end of the second season recognize the residents of House of Anubis that Daphne has only played them the whole thing and they infected with Wolf Radus under a blanket. In the season finale after Wolf Raven died, but she flees away forever, she was later arrested by the police on the run forever, they never showed up.

9 Facts about Daphne

  • She's the spy under by Mr. Radus
  • she liked all pupils in boarding school, except Delia.
  • When her dog Friedolin died, she let him stuff, In order to maintain on him.This but could have been only a play to trick Victor.
  • She makes her own herbal liquor, but this could also be a trick.
  • Although she says that she has much to Victor in common, because she is not afraid of his stuffed animals.
  • Victor is in love with her, but she seems more feelings for Wolf Radus to have.
  • In episode 200 she disguises herself as a nurse and Pierre Marant offers tea, and tried to spy on him.
  • In episode 203 makes at Victors "It's a 10 clock..." With
  • In episode 204, you realize that they infected with the electronics under a blanket.
  • In episode 234 she disappeared and was gone forever forever by police determined and she was arrested by police after the season 2 ends but it did not appear in finale episode.

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