• SibunaSeason34

    This blog is the randomest thing you'll read, I swear. Today (well, actually, tomorrow, April 1st) is the day Patricia Williamson, my favorite House of Anubis character, turns 20 years old. 

    She is more than a character to me. The very first impression of her was definetly an interesting experience (she dragged Nina's things out of her room in House of Secrets, giving zero fucks). I found her funny. At first I was, like everyone else, annoyed by her actions. But later in the series, I saw what a true bad ass she was. She wasn't asking for it. She gave zero fucks. She knew her intentions, she knew what she wanted, she always got what she wanted. Patricia, like every over Anubis character, is a huge part of me growing up to be the person I am…

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  • SibunaSeason34

    It's been more than half a year since I posted something on my blog. Or contributed to this wikia in general. So, being an admin, I realized that I started paying this show more dust than Nickelodeon. I realized that I became someone who I feared to become in 2013. A House of Anubis fan that does nothing good for the show. I feel like at some point I betrayed my favorite childhood show. That's when I decided to come online once again and do something good to this wikia. As you can see, if anyone is reading this anyways, I completely changed the layout for this wikia. Why? First things first, I haven't been updating it since X-Men: Apocalypse came out. I know, tragic. 

    The idea of the new background came to me when I was listening to random s…

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  • OnceUponATimeFan3

    A Bit of Change

    December 4, 2016 by OnceUponATimeFan3

    To whoever still comes on here.... I've changed my username. I'm still the same person that was "Houseofanubisfan". I still love "House of Anubis". It will always be in my heart. I just need a changek that's all.

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  • Sibunaforlife


    September 29, 2016 by Sibunaforlife

    Hi! I just wanted to say hey because I just found out about this and it makes me sooo happy that it's still going even after the show is over :) 

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  • AnaMulvoyTenLithuania


    August 23, 2016 by AnaMulvoyTenLithuania

    sibuna, everyone! just wanted to pop in and say hi. so... hi.

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  • SibunaSeason34

    Wanna know how well our wikia's doing between all the other ones? Here's a list of the peak positions our community will be reaching on the official WAM board (it's like iTunes and Spotify charts, but between all the Wikia's in the world). The list including the information will be updated more often from now on.

    NOTE: Please try being more active so our wikia can reach a higher peak! It's very important  if we want our show and wikia to get noticed by a bigger audience! :) Sibuna!

    Daily results:

    August 25th, 2016:

    House of Anubis Wikia:

    #1409 on the Worldwide WAM chart;

    #355 on the Television Category WAM chart;

    August 24th, 2016:

    House of Anubis Wikia:

    #1599 on the Worldwide WAM chart;

    #405 on the Television Category WAM chart;

    August 23rd, 2016:


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  • Inspirationiskey


    August 14, 2016 by Inspirationiskey

    ok so i have a fanfiction! link for wattpad:

    Link for

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  • Princess Salvatore

    Hello. It's me. ;)

    Taylor. Tats. Tay Tay. Mamuel. Bitch. Whatever.

    Yeah, I'm back. Technically I've been back to this wiki for a few months now but, yeah. Enough said.

    Anyway, remember this? Haha, nope. I don't either. It was such a long time ago. -_-

    What have I been up to over the past couple of months? Haha nothing. My life is a pile of crap. Thanks for asking. ;) #sarcasm.

    I've missed everyone. Like, really. I fell out of touch with everyone on this wiki. Have I made new Wikia friends since I left? Yes. Have I missed my old friends from this wiki? Hell yes.

    Idk. You know, no one will even comment on this. But whatever.

    Remember the monthly vent blogs on this wiki? Remember games and chat parties and ish?

    Remember when this wiki was obsessed wit…

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  • LittleIrish*


    March 25, 2016 by LittleIrish*


    I mean, I have no idea if someone rememebers me, if not


    Someone has to remember me, lol.

    Anyways, I just became nostalgic lately and I was wondering if any of us can have contact again? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Whatsapp. whatever the hell you guys say. 

    If I could just catch up to any of you guys, that'd be so great, because I kinda miss you all sometimes.

    Just to say hi at least. 

    Well, see you, to the day someone replies to this. 

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  • TearsOfGold451


    You probably don't know or remember me and, if you do, congratulations! I don't know what for but, you know, I'm not a very remarkable or memorable person so, I guess that's a thing.

    I'm 16 now! That's weird. Very weird. Like, very weird. I don't know how I feel about it yet.

    So, as promised, I am back.

    On the 25th of February 2016.

    Five years ago, on the 25th of February 2011, the first four episode of House of Anubis aired in the United Kingdom for the first time.

    I was 11. Like I said, I'm now 16. That's scary.

    I remember turning on Nickelodeon seconds after the first episode had started. I heard the noise of the train as it left the station, and I saw Nina standing on the platform, and I didn't know, at this point in time, how much of …

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  • Wizoomer95

    Hello, everyone!!  I don't know if anyone's still on the Wikia, but I'd figured I'd share this with you.

    Various YouTubers (especially Christa Simons) have started to upload episodes of Het Huis Anubis (the original Dutch show that House of Anubis is based on) with English subtitles.  Recently, we've finally reached a milestone: Het Huis Anubis season 1 is uploaded, in full, complete with English subtitles!  You can access the complete season now in this playlist:

    I'll be sure to update the playlist as Season 2 starts rolling in!  Now, I wish to share with you some major differences that I'm aware of between HHA and HOA.  These may contain spoilers.  You have been warned!!!

    Don't say I …

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  • Fabina is the OTP!!


    January 24, 2016 by Fabina is the OTP!!

    Hey, Im a newbie like Nina in season 1 (:D) And am already an hounarary member of the fabina society-100th member! ahh! i am not a new Sibuna though and I am still convinced that we can bring season 4 to our screens.

    Thank you for reading!


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  • Agent Kallus Of The Imperial Security Bureau

    so Nina is the chosen one that is exciting news

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  • TearsOfGold451

    It's been a while.

    January 16, 2016 by TearsOfGold451


    Unless you're David or Theresa, you probably don't know me.

    (David, Theresa: I'm not back. I just like to pop in occasionally, so this is me popping in. Hi!)

    I'm Bailey!

    I used to be really active here but then things happened and I changed and I'm not anymore, to cut a short story short. (Yes, I know what I just said).

    Since HOA's over 5 years old now (I celebrate the anniversary on the 25th February, though), I thought I'd just come and say hi and have a little smile over the old times here.

    I hope you all had a good holiday season and that 2016 is treating you well!

    I wanted to write something deeper but I can't remember it now.

    Again, I'm not back, but I just thought I'd pop in and say hello!

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  • Emily mackie

    House of Anubis

    January 6, 2016 by Emily mackie

    House of Anubis There was some teenage kids who live there And they try to figure out were was joy Because joy the chosen one she need to be safe By Emily for now

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  • AnaMulvoyTenLithuania

    Hope you have a wonderful time this advent :) Merry Christmas guyssss!

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  • SibunaSeason34

    "When I kissed you that night on the stage, it was the only thing I've done right. Ever."

    "Santa can forget my address this year. I already received my gift and it's you."

    "I thought you were alergic to cats?"

    "Look at us, don't we just look all cute kissing underneath a mistletoe?"

    "There's still one thing missing."

    "I'm out of romantic quotes, John Green, I'm sorry."

    "That's like already a quote in so many ways."

    "Look at us, don't we just look all cute kissing underneath a mistletoe?"

    "I don't wanna motivate myself to live when there's no reason to do that for."

    "Why did you even save me? I'm gonna die anyways."

    "If you kill yourself, there's no way back."

    "Yeah, Sherlock, thanks for the warning."

    Coming Soon!

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  • SibunaSeason34


    December 6, 2015 by SibunaSeason34

    Anyone here? I find it hard to motivate myself to come online to this wikia when anyone who ever comes online is myself and the other admin, Theresa. Just sayin'.

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  • SibunaSeason34

    Here's to us, probably the most powerful fandom Nickelodeon has ever received from a show like House of Anubis. I'm here to thank you guys for the amazing year, and, I'm creating this blog to remind you guys of the TOP 15 Most Memorial House of Anubis memories in the history of Sibuna.


    One of those OMG moments that brought us to a near heart attack. It's Victor killing Rufus! Sure, of course he didn't exactly kill him, but the guy did get him to the hospital... Back then, it was a shock because Rufus was their only hope, but today, I'm kind of glad Victor gave the creeper a bang in the head, he was Sibuna's secret enemy only wanting to get the elixir of life, after all.

    Rescuing friends and going global

    Not a big effect on the storyl…

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  • Bum bum1104

    I would like you put season 3on Netflix and why you close session 4 I love the episode of houses of Anubis .

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  • SibunaSeason34

    Fans of House of Anubis, Bratz and the Damned. You've been highly mistaken if you thought you've seen of Nathalia Ramos. The actress is back (as if we would've let her go), with a brand new fresh taste of quality television. F.S. Films has finally released the very first teaser trailer of their psychological drama film "Wildflower"! The film is set to release on Spring 2016.

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  • Bum bum1104

    Houses of nubis



    Sam and cat

    Snow White

    Christmas films

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  • Bum bum1104

    If you love school you love school if you don't love school I don't know why but I do I don't know about you

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  • Bum bum1104

    How you love the most

    November 16, 2015 by Bum bum1104

    Your girlfriend Or

    Your mum Or

    Your dad Or

    Your gran gran Or

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  • Bum bum1104

    You love someone

    November 16, 2015 by Bum bum1104

    If you love someone and they like you to what would you do would you tell him you love him or wait for to say I love you to you which one is it

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  • Houseofanubisfreak3124

    Hey guys, So recently I was watching all of the HOA seasons all over again and every time any Jara scenes would come on I would just burst into tears because I missed Jara. I mean I have been a Jara shipper since Jerome first had a crush on Mara in season 1. You know what, I think the writers of season 3 were just like 'Hey, Jara is a very popular and loved couple. You know what lets break the hearts of millions and get Jerome to cheat on Mara with Willow then get him to go out with Joy'. Anyways let me know what you think, are you the same and miss jara or are you are jeroy shipper or do you ship both. Bye, Kisses.

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  • House Of Anubis Sibuna

    The Chosen One

    The Chosen One is the only one who could assemble The Cup Of Ankh.

    When the cup was broken into seven pieces, Anubis made an agreement with Amneris that once every 25 years, on a special date, at a special time, a member of Amneris' bloodline would be able to reconstruct the Cup of Ankh. This person would be born during a certain month, on a certain day, and a certain time, which all fall on the same number (example: Sarah Frobisher-Smythe who was born during the first month on the first day during the first hour). It was originally believed that the Chosen One was Joy but in the finale it was revealed that Joy was born on the right day, but at the wrong hour (the 19th hour - which is also known as 7pm.).

    The true Chosen One is…

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  • House Of Anubis Sibuna

    Actors from House of Anubis

    Alex Sawyer                                                      

     Alfie Lewis (146 episodes, 2011-2013)                             

    Eugene Simon                                                    

     Jerome Clarke (146 episodes, 2011-2013)

    Brad Kavanagh                                                  

    Fabian Rutter (145 episodes, 2011-2013)

    Jade Ramsey

    Patricia Williamson (145 episodes, 2011-2013)

    Tasie Lawrence                                                 

     Mara Jaffray (145 episodes, 2011-2013)

     Francis Magee                                                   

     Victor Rodenmaar / ... (144 episodes, 2011-2013)

    Ana Mulvoy-Ten

     Amber Millington (117 episodes, 2011-2013)

    Paul Antony-Barber

     Mr. Eric Sweet (113 episodes, 2011-2…

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  • Grace30758


    September 19, 2015 by Grace30758

    Hello fellow Sibuna members :)

    So i'm pretty bored so I thought why not do a Q/A.

    So in the comments leave me questions about HOA and I'll answer a few :) 

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  • Grace30758


    September 13, 2015 by Grace30758

    Hey guys:) 

    So little uodate since my last post :) 

    I'm home and am typing this in my room with coffee, like real coffee. Cause lets face it hosptial food can not be real food with how awful it is or atleast the hosptial I was at had awful food. Anyway its great to be back home and now I think i'm gonna play the HOA game to kill some time :p

    Until next time, 


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  • Grace30758

    Car crash ;-;

    September 11, 2015 by Grace30758

    Hello fellow Sibuna members :)

    So I am currently uploading this from my laptop in the hosptial :p

    Just so you all know I am fine it was just a car crash, however I did break my leg but tbh as a 17 year-old-girl who is obessed with Tumblr it could've been my arm which would have sucked.

    Ya sorry that was supposed to lighten up the mood but anywho, some guy was texting and driving crashed into my car. I hope this isn't upsetting or triggering to anyone but I just wanted to tell all you wonderful people who can drive or will be able to drive in a few years. Please, please, please don't text while you are driving. This guy has literally droped by the hosptial l 'm at 5 times to aplogize. It hurts me to see that someone is in that much pain becaus…

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    House of Anubis (El Misterio de Anubis, title in Latin America). Had a great success in Latin America with the transmission format on weekdays, usually used in soap operas. The dubbing into Spanish for Latin America was in charge of Art Sound México, in Mexico, Federal District. He had a great acceptance in countries like Mexico, Perú, Chile and Venezuela.

    In Latin America, the opening was July 4, 2011, the second season began on June 25, 2012 and the third season began on May 4, 2013. The premiere in Latin America in "The Touchstone of Ra" was the September 28, 2013.

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  • HazelAugustusIsaac


    September 8, 2015 by HazelAugustusIsaac

    hey beautiful people, it's jade

    And wow this wiki has changed.


    for those of u who don't know me, I'm from back in the day 2013, 2014, lmao.

    so if u guys wanna talk, I have tumblr and Twitter! I love this wiki so much, it's almost emotional, so many memories and great friends, I'll never forget;)

    just wanted to say hi;)

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  • Grace30758

    Hello fellow Sibuna members :) 

    So I was thinking and this idea came into my mind. What if the did an Hoa series but instead it was about Sarah and her past. Almost like the flashback Sarah had when she came to the house in season 1. 

    I mean it wouldn't be the same without the Sibuna gang but it would be cool to see more of Sarahs past. 

    What do you guys think?

    Let me know in the comments 

    Until next time,


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  • Chloejade0308

    Fabian Rutter

    August 30, 2015 by Chloejade0308

    So Fabian Rutter a young british boy which has feelings for the american student Nina Martin. And has an young girl which is the editor of the jackual, Joy Mercer. Fabian is also a beloved god son of Jaspar Chowdere. He is a co-leader of Sibuna group which includes Nina Martin, Amber Millington, Patrica Williamson, Alfie Lewis and a Temp Member Joy. 

    Here was my breif blog of Fabian rutter.

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  • Grace30758


    August 29, 2015 by Grace30758

    Hey fellow Sibuna members  :) 

    Well its the weekend and I'm back and let me just say I miss you guys!!!!!!

    I love reading all of your thoughts and comments about the show :)

    Hopefully by next month, once I'm back on track at school I'll post during the week. But since its the first month of school and all, I most likely be back on track next month hopefully :)

    Untill next time,

    I love each and everyone of you.


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  • Hollie5931


    August 24, 2015 by Hollie5931

    Why can she not do both act and collage to

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  • Hoafan12


    August 24, 2015 by Hoafan12








    Hoafan12 (talk) 15:02, August 24, 2015 (UTC)AYESHA

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  • Grace30758


    August 23, 2015 by Grace30758

    Wow, The cast has grown so much ;-;

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  • HOA2012

    This Is Important

    August 22, 2015 by HOA2012

    Hi, it's Corrin. I'm sure you werent expecting me because I am no longer on this wiki, but I have an important message that I would like to share.

    I'm bipolar.

    Okay, so yeah, got that out of the way. Anyways, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

    What is bipolar disorder?

    Bipolar Disorder is a genetic mental disorder. It is a mood disorder that sends you from episodes of mania, hypomania, depression, and a mix of the three. Bipolar is also known as manic depressive disorder.

    What are depressive episodes?

    Depressive episodes are long episodes of depression caused by bipolar. For me, it brought me to the point of self mutilation and suicide attempts..

    What are hypomania and mania?

    Mania is a high that lasts months. You feel on top of the w…

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  • Grace30758

    Admit it

    August 22, 2015 by Grace30758

    Let's be real here we all remember the tune of the HOA theme song

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  • Grace30758


    August 21, 2015 by Grace30758

    I'm back for the weekend :) 

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  • Liv maddie5


    August 16, 2015 by Liv maddie5

    Hi I'm new to this wiki and I'm looking to find more people!

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  • Grace30758

    School ;-;

    August 15, 2015 by Grace30758

    Hey guys so schools back for me ;-;

    So I will only be posting on The weekends or days I am off :)

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  • SibunaSeason34

    I have made a blog before that the wikia is ready to be promoted for adoption, which means that one user will be promoted by the wikia staff and automatically become the new administrator.

    We want to choose the new admin together, so all of us can be happy with it. In the previous blog you guys were asked to comment your nominees for the new admin of this wikia. Now, I'm gonna set up a poll with all of the 4 people nominated, and YOU will have to vote for who is ready to be the administrator. All of this is in order to make the wiki a better place and bring even more new updates that would receive us more feedback from House of Anubis fans worldwide. 

    You can vote here, the poll will be closed on the 19th of August.

    Who should be promoted to…

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  • SibunaSeason34

    Given the fact that our community doesn't have any active admins anymore, as suggested by some of you guys, I decided that it's time to put our wikia to adoption, which means that one or two users will be promoted by the wikia staff and made as admins.

    The problem here is that we don't know who. It's up to us all, and YOU, to decide. All of this is in order to make the wiki a better place and bring even more new updates that would receive us more feedback from House of Anubis fans worldwide. Please write your opinions in the comments and as well add who you think should be the next admin of the wiki. Thanks for your attention. :)

    We are one. We are Sibuna. ~ SibunaSeason34 (talk) 09:30, August 13, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Grace30758

    First word that comes to your mind when I say 


    I think of WWVBD 

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  • Grace30758

    Leace below the first word that comes to your mind when I you think of...


    I think of Fabian 

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  • Grace30758

    Would you rather 8

    August 9, 2015 by Grace30758

    Would you rather 

    1. Live in the House of Anubis


    2. Go to the school 

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  • Grace30758

    would you rather 7

    August 8, 2015 by Grace30758

    Would you rather go on a double date with

    1. Peddie


    2. Fabina

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