Benny Schäfer
Martin zuercher
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair Color: dark blond
Eye Color: blue
Occupation(s): Handy man
Family & Friends
Family: Rosie Schäfer (Mother)
Relationships: Nina Martens (Crush)
Enemies: Daniel
Series Information
First appearance: DHA Staffel 2 Folge 158
Last appearance: DHA Staffel 2 Folge 182
Portrayer: Martin Zürcher
Other Versions: Jimmy Tayibi (Dutch)
Benny Schäfer is the handyman in Anubis house. most of the girls were attracted to him. He is the son of Rosie.he became room mates of Kaya and Daniel when he stayed at Anubis house. He is portrayed by Martin Zürcher

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Benny appeared as an initially unknown in the house Anubis. He is the son of Rosie and worked as a "Handyman" at Victor! He was a true heartbreaker and twisted all the female Anubis girls heads.The guys in the house Anubis were extremely annoyed by him. Benny had thrown a special eye on Nina, when Daniel just did not bothering. Benny slept with Daniel and Kaya in the room, what Kaya bothered.From the beginning, Delia had a crush on Benny till he had embarrssed when Charlotte and Luzy. After Luzy, Charlotte and Delia were playing tricks on him, and he ran away sad, Nina follows him to comfort him.That's what it came between Nina and Benny for a kiss, it was disappointed to Daniel, watching in shock. then when Nina is in the hospital Benny visited her until Nina gets asleep the Nurse gave Benny the bag and Benny steal the locket and the apology letter and hide it in his small locker. then later on he read the letter and Lucy seen him reading a letter for Daniel. then he did not know first that Lucy and Charlotte is distracting him by photo shooting. then he feels that someone did open to his locker then his keys was missing then he go back to his room then he saw Daniel has the letter again. then Daniel, Luzy and Kaya are embarrassed him until Benny run away.


  • All the boys are annoyed by him except Magnus and Felix.
  • Benny and Jimmy are the same Handyman.
  • He helps Rosie in the kitchen.

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