Benji Reed
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Aliases: Ben
Family & Friends
Friends: Patricia Williamson
Joy Mercer
Eddie Miller
Series Information
First appearance: House of Enemies / House of Surprise
Last appearance: House of Winning / House of Moonlighting
Portrayer: Freddie Boath

Benjamin Reed, better known as Benji, is a minor character on House of Anubis.

He first appeared in the episode House of Enemies / House of Surprise on a sports exchange from America. He is currently living in Isis House. When Benji was first introduced to the class, he quickly recognized his arch-rival Eddie Miller. Eddie had always bragged about Anubis House, and Benji wanted to see what was so great about the school. He came to participate in the dodgeball fight between Anubis House and Isis House.

He quickly became friends with Sven and Sergei, two of the other boys living at Isis House. He also waved and smiled when Joy waved at him. In order to get on Eddie's nerves, Benji attempts to get closer to Patricia

In House of Winning / House of Moonlighting, Benji leaves the school because he says his work there is done. He and Eddie make up before he leaves. He probably won't return, as he didn't return in The Touchstone of Ra .

The role of Benji Reed is played by Freddie Boath.

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Eddie Miller

(Unknown-Present; Arch-Rival, Friend)

Eddie Miller is Benji's arch-rival, as seen in House of Enemies / House of Surprise. Eddie and Benji knew each other from America, where Eddie would brag about his school. Benji said he came to the school on a sports exchange and he was eager to see what the school was like. Benji and Eddie argued in the kitchen of Anubis House about which house would win the dodgeball fight. He got jealous when he was staring at Patricia, and even more when Benji continues to get closer to her. Also, Benji calls Eddie 'Milly'. In House of Winning, Benji expresses his intention to win the dodgeball tournament to Eddie and the other Anubis House residents. In the dodgeball tournament, all of the Anubis House but Fabian lost to Isis House. Fabian was able to win the dodgeball tournament for Anubis House. Afterwards, Benji tried to make up with Eddie and tell him they had a good game even though he lost to Eddie, but Eddie refused to apologize. In House of Moonlighting, he and Eddie make up and are cool.   

Joy Mercer

(2013-Present; Friends)

When Benji first arrives at the school, Joy was the first person to be nice to him. She also smiled and waved to him and he did the same back. 

Sven and Sergei

(2013-Present; Friends) Sven and Sergei are two of the boys living in Isis House. They both befriended Benji when he arrived at the school as an exchange student. 

Patricia Williamson

(2013-Present;Possible Crush ;Friends)

Patricia first met Benji when she was with Eddie, and quickly
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learned Eddie and Benji were arch-enemies. Despite this, she seems to like him and smiles when Benji picks up her books. Miss Denby purposely pairs Patricia and Benji in order to make Eddie jealous. He flirts with her during the partner game in class. In the trust exercises, Benji prevents Patricia from getting her outfit ruined by an ink spill. In House of Surprise, Patricia attended the Isis House warm-up and she sliced oranges for Benji. In House of Winning, Patricia tried to help Anubis House win the dodgeball tournament without putting Isis House down because Eddie didn't like Benji. When Eddie refused to shake Benji's hand on a truce, Patricia was mad, along with the other students and Mr. Sweet. (See Batricia)