Afl 1214
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 30-40
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Light-green
Occupation(s): housekeeper
Family & Friends
Relationships: Ewan (husband/fiance)
Enemies: The Five
Series Information
Portrayer: Marieke de Kruijf
Arlène is the new housekeeper. She works together with Kai, the main antagonist, and the new owner of the Anubis House(he bought the house from Victor in Het Huis Anubis Series Finale.). Arlène and Kai are trying to bring Ewan, Kai's beloved brother and Arlène's fiance, back to life.

She is friendly to the children and try to fulfill their wishes as much as possible to make them feel at ease. She knows everything that happens in the house and there is a secret phone hidden in a bookcase in the House Libary(which the residents aren't allowed to enter). Arlène has the rooms of the 5 adapted to how they would like it. (eg: red light for Anastacia, Bookcase full of books for Sterre etc). The residents are continuously monitored by Kai through the camera's. Arléne is trying to ensure that Sterre remains in house. Arlène and Kai spy on all residents and eavesdrops on their conversations. She destroys the "proof burden" of Pim and makes glass cleaning. She promises to Kai that she would keep an eye on him. Arlène gets worried as Sterre becomes increasingly unhappy and really wants to go back home. She knows that they need her sense to bring Ewan back to life, and so tries hard to make her stay. Kai gives her instructions to keep her here and Arlène promises to do her best.

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