Anubis en de wraak van ArghusAnubis-en-de-wraak-van-arghus org

© Viacom / Studio 100

Countries of origin: Belgium, The Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Genre: Mystery
Producer: Studio 100
Release: 16 December, 2009
Written by: Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe and Anjali Taneja
Directed by: Dennis Bots

Anubis en de wraak van Arghus (translation: Anubis and the revenge of Arghus) is a movie of Het Huis Anubis.

Because of Appie's birthday, the Anubis residents sare going to throw a party in an old landhouse. When during Appie's horror themed party the clock ticks 12 am, it's starts to haunt. The piano plays itself and behind a closed door the real haunted house is hidden. But when one of them dissapears, the fun stops. Are they scaring each other ? Or is it really haunting in the house ? If they dissapear one by one, Appie thinks the house is owned by a vampire who is looking for revenge and he is determined to defeat him. But Nienke doesn't think the house is owned by a vampire. Cause why is she finding so many notes about friendships and loneliness ? And who is the strange man that wanders through the house ? Is he trying to make things clear ? When Appie's action fails, everything looks lost. But then Nienke takes the lead and she thinks up a brave plan whereby she tries to save Fabian and all the other lost friends. Is Nienke going to succeed, or are they going to be ruined by the revenge of Arghus ?

Anubis en de Wraak van Arghus - Official Trailer01:21

Anubis en de Wraak van Arghus - Official Trailer

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