Annika Barklund
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General Information
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 12, 1987
Age: 28
Birthplace: Stockholm,Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Other Information
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Silvio Entertainment (producer)
Education: Dramatiska Institutet
Östra Reals Gymnasium
Family & Friends
Family: Susanne Barklund (mother)
Maria Barklund (sister)
Ida Barklund (sister)
Åsa Eriksson (aunt)
Anna Modigh (cousin)
Katarina Barklund Palm (cousin)
Series Information
Character: Nienke Martens (Voice character) in Sweden as Nina Martens.

Annika Barklund, born December 5, 1987, is a Swedish voice actress and daughter of actress Susanne Barklund. She voiced Nienke Martens in Huset Anubis, and her name there was Nina Martens (just like the German version, but only renamed as that in Huset Anubis).

She is was current working in Anagram a local bussiness in Sweden, and past from Silvio Entertainment and Pocket Entertainment. Her mom Susanne was working in Theater in GöteborgsOperan. She was in the movie of Studentfesten - Svensk biopremiär and in the T.V, Series Blomsterflickan.

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Voice Roles

  • 2010 - Huset Anubis
  • 2008 - Berättelsen om Narnia: Caspian, prins av Narnia
  • 2007 - Harry Potter och Fenixorden
  • 2005 - Harry Potter och den flammande bägaren
  • 2005 - Berättelsen om Narnia: Häxan & Lejonet
  • 2004 - Harry Potter och fången från Azkaban
  • 2002 - Harry Potter och hemligheternas kammare
  • 2001 - Rasten: Uppdrag rädda sommarlovet

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