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General Information
Shipped Characters: Amber Millington and Jason Winkler
Status: Friends
Rivals: Amfie
Other Pairing Names: Jasber

Amson (Am/ber and Ja/son) is the friendship or otherwise romantic pairing of Amber Millington and Jason Winkler . The two haven't had a lot of screen time together, but they do have their sweet moments. It is also hinted that Amber may have a crush on Jason. This paring will not likely happen because Jason Winkler didn't return for Season 2 and Amber is dating Alfie Lewis. In Anubis Unlocked, Ana Mulvoy Ten revealed that Amber has a crush on Mr. Winkler.

Amson Moments

Season 1

House of Secrets / House of Attitude / House of the Blackbird / House of Dares / House of Lies

  • When Jason tells everyone that he is the new history teacher, Amber smiles at him.
  • Amber says that she is so glad that their old teacher had a heart attack.
  • Amber smiles at Jason and bites down on her lip while staring at him.
  • Jason told Amber to swap her magazine for the Romeo and Juliet play.
  • Amber smiles up at him and asks him if she has to. He nods his head and she continues smiling up at him.

House of Drama / House of Codes

  • Amber complains to Jason about why her character can't sing. Jason tells her it's because cactus can't speak, and Amber herself has a terrible voice.

House of Risk / House of Thieves

  • Jason asks Amber why she's so sad as she's watching Mick and Mara start to date yet again.
  • Jason asks Amber if she's sad because he cut her canary scene.
  • Amber laughs and tells him that is why she is upset in a joking voice. Jason then laughs.
  • Jason tells Amber that she could probably pull off any costume, suggesting that she's pretty.
  • Amber agrees with him and tells him that he has a point. Jason laughs yet again.

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