Alex Molenaar
General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 9, 1990
Age: 24
Hometown: Arnhem, Netherlands
Birthplace: Haarlem, Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Other Information
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Actor
Series Information
Character: Pim Versteeg

Alex Molenaar is a Netherlands actor who played Pim Versteeg in Het Huis Anubis En De Vijf Van Het Magische Zwaard.


Molenaar made his national television debut as Pim Versteeg in Anubis and Five of the Magic Sword. Along with Jennifer Welts, Sanne-Samina Hanssen, Juliann Ubbergen and Roel Dirven, he is the main cast. They also took jointly Anubis on a single called The Five Senses.He also plays electric and acoustic guitar and doing ballroom dancing.


Year Title Role
2010-2011 Het Huis Anubis En De Vijf Van Het Magische Zwaard Pim Versteeg
2010 Het Huis Anubis En De Terugkeer Van Sibuna Pim Versteeg
2010 Het Huis Anubis: De Vijf En De Toorn Van Balor Pim Versteeg


  • Without Craziness (2006)
  • Fausto and Giulia (2007)
  • Funeral Expense (2008)
  • Rabble in its size (2009)


  • The Five Senses (2010), the title song of Anubis and Five of the Magic Sword

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