Ade Rutter
Uncle Ade
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Antique Shop Owner
Family & Friends
Family: Fabian Rutter (Nephew)
Friends: Trudy Rehmann

Nina Martin

Relationships: Trudy Rehmann (possible crush)
Other Information
Interests: Antiques
Talent: Mythology
Series Information
First appearance: House of Discovery / House of Hyper
Last appearance: House of Drama / House of Codes
Portrayer: Simon Chandler

Ade Rutter is Fabian's uncle who owns and works at an antique shop very close to the school.

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He works at an antique shop in town. He has the best lemonade around. Also, he thinks that Fabian and Nina should "step out" or date, showing he's a Fabina shipper. He has been present in the episodes House Of Discovery / House Of Hyper and House Of Drama / House of Codes. Nina and Fabian visited him to ask about the puzzle box they had found. He is probably very interested in history since he owns an antique shop. When he was visited by Fabian and Nina, he didn't recognize Fabian at first because of his glasses. He offered them a meal and helped them while they were eating. It seems that he is also interested in the stories of antiques, seen when he asked Nina about the puzzle box. He was shown flirting with Trudy, the housemother of Anubis House. He was seen sitting next to her during the school play in House of Drama / House of Codes and gave her a tissue when she teared up. During Season 2, Fabian was surprised when Ade was not at the shop; instead, his godfather Jasper Choudhary was. Ade was at an Egyptian dig, and he had Jasper look over the shop for him. He was neither seen nor mentioned in Season 3.

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